Frequently Asked Questions

Participating Local High Schools

  • Alpha Public Schools
  • Andrew Hill High School
  • Archbishop Mitty High School
  • Bellarmine College Preparatory
  • Cristo Rey Charter School
  • Downtown College Prep
  • Evergreen Valley High School
  • Gunderson High School
  • Independence High School
  • James Lick High School
  • KIPP
  • Leigh High School
  • Leland High School
  • Lincoln High School
  • Los Gatos High School
  • Mt. Pleasant High School
  • Notre Dame High School
  • Oak Grove High School
  • Overfelt High School
  • Piedmont Hills High School
  • Pioneer High School
  • Presentation High School
  • San Jose High School
  • Santa Teresa High School
  • Silver Creek High School
  • Willow Glen High School
  • Westmont High School
  • Yerba Buena High School

Health and Safety Information

Do I need to attend all 3 days?

Yes – all days are mandatory.

Will my school allow me to attend ELC and grant me an “excused absence”?

Yes – ELC has agreements with all listed high schools for each school year to completely and fully excuse absent students who attend ELC.

When will I be notified of acceptance?

Accepted students will be notified before TBA.

Will teams be all from the same school?

No – actually, just the opposite. Teams will largely be comprised of mixed schools.

What are the sleeping/accommodation arrangements at Asilomar?

All students will be housed 4 students per room – gender separated.

2 quarantine rooms will be provided for anyone who has tested positive or is under suspicion of COVID symptoms for a short period of time.

Will the student need to be vaccinated?

No requirements.

Will all rotary support staff be vaccinated?


Will all parents attending orientation and final day presentations need to be vaccinated?


Will events be held indoors?

Yes. We will do our best to have as many outdoor activities as possible and to keep open as many doors and windows as possible.

Will students be kept 6 feet apart at all times?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, this will not be possible at all times. When possible we will maintain a safe distance.

Will masks be required?

Masks are optional.

Will visitors be allowed to see performances on the last day?


Will students be COVID tested daily?

No. However- any students showing COVID/flu-like symptoms will be given a rapid test. If test comes back positive, student will be dismissed from the event and a parent will need to pick him/her up immediately.

ELC will be subject to state/county and other governmental entities that may require certain protocols.

What happens if the student falls ill during the ELC conference?

He/she will be tested. Any positive tests will be sent home. Parents will have to make arrangements to pick up their child immediately (within 3 hours) and will be quarantined during this time frame.

If a team member tests positive, all students will be given the option to be tested with a rapid test. Any negative tests will be able to continue with the event. Any positive tests, she/he will be sent home with same transportation requirements as above and quarantined.

In this unique COVID environment, parents will need to be accessible via phone during the entire conference.

ELC will be subject to state/county and other governmental entities that may require certain protocols.

Contact Us

For general questions about our ELC Program that couldn’t be answered with the information contained on this website, please feel free to contact:

Jen Simmons

Kathleen Thomas